Fanfiction ABC

Hey, guys!

It has been two weeks since I first explained a few general terms that you should know to navigate through fandoms online, and I think it’s high time to mention a few other, let’s call them, “technical terms” that you’ll definitely encounter on websites that distribute fan-generated content. Let’s start with round 2 of my Fanfiction ABC!

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Fanfiction ABC

Hello, everyone!

I’ve planned to post this a lot sooner, but, alas, university kept me fairly busy this week.

While trying to work on a more organized concept for this blog, I realized that I didn’t want to use it solely for fanfiction reviews and recommendations. There is a big difference between books and fanfiction, and while I have no problems navigating through fanfiction communities and websites, I know from experience how it’s like to be a novice fanfiction reader. Continue reading “Fanfiction ABC”